Thursday, 25 January 2007

Best practices for Corporate Blogs

The Global Best Practices Team at Price Waterhouse Coopers have released a new paper on Best Practices for Corporate Blogs. The report outlines 9 main uses of Blogs in Corporate settings, including deploying blogs to advance Knowledge Sharing.

The report authors write that "Internal blogs are an excellent knowledge management tool for corporations. They foster internal collaboration and dissemination of company information
and culture. The internal blog allows a work group to log in and view messages, presentations, and spreadsheets in one location" I certainly agree with this point and increasingly free resources like Google Docs are facilitating this collaborative working.

The report authors also write that "The blog content is searchable and can be organized by the end user into specific categories, such as date, contributor, or subject. For specific projects and processes, a blog can be superior to a corporate web site because it focuses on a single
issue and lists all the relevant information on one page, making it easier to navigate"

A very interesting paper and well worth reading.

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