Wednesday, 30 May 2007

KM Best Practices

This article on is the report of a meeting held in February 2007 . The meeting of large law firms involved a a panel of four KM professionals and the audience discussing best practices and the connection to KM.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Knowledge Harvesting resources

The Special Libraries Association of Illinois recently ran a seminar on "Knowledge Harvesting" this is a relatively new area of Knowledge Management but one that appears to be growing as demonstrated by this site which has a number of presentations, articles and examples of how to use "Knowledge Harvesting"

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Measuring the ROI of Blogs, Wikis and other social media - Further reading

James came up with some interesting reading around ROI and metrics for blogs, wikis and other social media. Links below.

ROI on KM - further reading

Further reading on ROI and Metrics:

Techniques for calculating ROI on KM initiatives

ROI can be difficult to calculate for KM projects - often the benefit is one of quality and ease of use rather than something quantifiable such as time or money saved.

The following links may be of interest when trying to compose something that is meaningful for your business.

The Skandia Navigator
The Balanced Scorecard
Return on Learning, Part 3:Measuring the Return on Investment in Training

This site is for an ROI calculator, software to calculate ROI for you!

Monday, 21 May 2007

Knowledge Management : Refinement and Englightenment

Unfortunately this is only the name of the journal of the International Legal Technology Association not the name of a course I would be booked on whatever the cost!

The April 2007 edition has two articles which will be of interest:

  • Categorization’s Critical Role in KM by Craig Carpenter of Recommind

This article looks at how costs can be lowered and productivity increased by using an automated categorisation system.

  • Law Firm Taxonomy by Don Oppenheimer, Independent Consultant

This article discussed how a single firmwide taxonomy is essential for both Knowledge Management purposes and for searching.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Knowledge Sharing Toolkit

The ‘Knowledge Sharing Toolkit’ is the result of a two-year DTI-funded project carried out by innovation consultancy David Bartholomew Associates (DBA) and nine of the UK’s leading architectural and engineering practices - Aedas, Arup, Broadway Malyan, Buro Happold, Edward Cullinan Architects, Feilden Clegg Bradley, Penoyre & Prasad, Whitby Bird and WSP.
A concise 49 page how-to manual accompanied by nine detailed case studies, the Toolkit shows building design practices how to develop a knowledge strategy to support their business objectives, and explains the main tools and techniques for learning and sharing knowledge, and how to use them.

After Action Reviews in practice

In a short but interesting post Chris Collinson describes how he spent a day with some senior NHS clinical staff at a Leadership Development Centre in Leicester. Chris described his role as "to provide some input relating to After Action Reviews (AARs), and to use the role-plays to help the clinicians translate this input into real life - well, it felt real to us!"

This seems like a really innovative use of the After Action Review model/process.

Three dozen Knowledge Sharing barriers

Following swiftly on from how to share knowledge is a list of some of the barriers to Knowledge Sharing. This post is from late 2006 but I'm sure we can all identify with the issues raised.

The "complete" Knowledge Sharing Guide

A guide on how to share knowledge and encourage Knowledge Sharing, great I'm ready with my credit card! But fear not the guide is completely free and looks really useful. Areas discussed include:

  • What is knowledge sharing and why should I be doing it?
  • Knowledge management versus knowledge sharing
  • Setting goals for knowledge sharing
  • What kind of knowledge sharing activities are the most beneficial?
  • Seven incentives for knowledge sharing

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Customised Search Engines

Prism Legal have developed a set of 4 customised search engines which look useful. Customised searches are avaialble for Top 100 U.S. Law Firms, Top 50 UK Law Firms, Top KM Sites, Top Canadian Law Firms.