Monday, 12 November 2007

Is this a bliki?

Matthew Parsons of Effective Knowledge Management for Law Firms fame and Neil Richards have launched a new site called Knowledge Thoughts, it's a bit like a Wiki with Blog content so could be described as a Bliki.

From the site itself...

"Watching Web 2.0 from the sidelines is a lot like trying to learn how to ride a bike by reading the entry for “Bicycle” in WikiPedia. There are many things where learning is by doing, and from learning comes better ideas and understanding. Web 2.0 and KM is a lot like that and so KnowledgeThoughts is born to both learn about the tools, and to use them for personal knowledge management. We think that a real shift is going on, and the rate of change approaches the rate of change in the early days of the internet."

Already it's a very content rich site with some useful look posts in the blog including;

I've already added it to my bloglines subscriptions and will be monitoring the site closely.

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