Thursday, 14 February 2008

Money talks... interesting post here from the Law 21 Blog in it the author describes how a firm in Canada has replaced Lotus Notes with a Wiki, all good stuff. The "real kicker" as described by the author is how the firm encourages staff to contribute to the Wiki...

"But the kicker is that in order to motivate employees to participate, every Wiki contribution puts the author’s name into a draw for a $1,000 prize. That, as you might imagine, spurred the rapid development of the Wiki, which is now an invaluable firm asset."

This is an interesting post on the demands placed on lawyers time and what appears to me to be a conflict between billing time and contributing to the firms Knowledge Management System. As the author suggests in order to do so there need to be systems in place that encourage fee-earners to contribute know-how that can compete with incentives provided for billable hours or time recorded.

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