Thursday, 17 April 2008

Using Blogs and Wikis

A useful looking series of posts here from the KM Space Blog. In the first the author looks at how Wikis can be used for Project Management the great value of a Wiki is summed up in the following extract:

"With a wiki, you give a common space for the project team to keep information and share information on the project. As items on the project are updated, the subscribers to the wikis get the notification of the change. (We have been using PBwiki to manage our knowledge management projects for almost year. A wiki is a great way to centralize information and publicize information at the same time.)"

In the second post the author describes how they are using Sharepoint to create blogs, these blogs are "targeted at hosting firm announcements". In the final post the author looks at how they are using Sharepoint to create Wikis, he describes how their "first wiki was an import of our existing knowledge management wiki into the SharePoint platform" and that the second Wiki they created was used for "managing HotDocs and our HotDocs templates. The vision for this wiki was to create the manual for each of the HotDocs templates and to share information among the HotDocs developers. The wiki page becomes the item returned on a search for the HotDocs template."

Some really interesting and exciting uses of Sharepoint/Blogs and Wikis which I would encourage everyone to have a read of.


Doug Cornelius said...

James -

Thanks for reading. We have more blogs and wikis coming online. I hope to put up some new posts as interesting things pop up.


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