Monday, 19 May 2008

Does you firm value Knowledge?

The Above and Beyond KM blog recently asked whether "your firm" really values knowledge?

This is an interesting question, because it isn't complicated a simple Yes or No answer, more interesting is the extent to which investment in Knowledge is valued. That is the time spent, creating, collating and disseminating Knowledge this will ultimately have an impact on how well received and funded KM initatives will be.

Another thought provoking post from the Above and Beyond blog.

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Mary Abraham said...

Thanks for the mention, James. In thinking about valuing knowledge, I found myself caught in a bit of circle:

- the better the knowledge management, the better the ROI from KM
- the better the ROI, the greater the perception of the value of knowledge within the firm

But, in order to initiate the KM system, the firm has to have some minimal understanding of the value of knowledge. That valuation provides the context for the work the knowledge manager can do. The question is whether that valuation also sets a limit on that work.

- Mary