Thursday, 15 May 2008

Is Knowledge Sharing all about your pay cheque?

I enjoyed reading this post on the Library Clips blog and thought it definitely deserved a mention here. Phil Bradley has a useful summary of the article on his blog which I will take some excerpts from.

Essentially the author of the original blog post describes how there are two different approaches to the sharing of information within organisations. You either hoard it or you share it and this is usually determined by the type of organisation you work in.

The author gives as an example two different types of law firms, one based in the U.S. where lawyers are competing against each and tend to get paid on that basis, "eat what you kill", this approach isn't great for encouraging collaboration and the sharing of Knowledge. The other is a firm in the UK where lawyers are paid according to the financial performance of the firm overall, this approach encourages lawyers to share knowledge so that the organisation as a whole benefits.

Phil makes the point that in the second organisation Web 2.0 tools like Blogs and Wikis would encourage people to collaborate and submit more Knowledge but is this really Web 2.0? This is a really interesting article which I would encourage anyone to read.

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