Friday, 2 May 2008

SocialText 3.0

The Headshift Blog recently reported on the rollout of Version 3.0 of the SocialText Wiki application. According to Headshift "major new features are personal dashboards and dynamic people profiles"

The author makes the point that developments with this type of technology mean that we are now closer to "social networking within the firewall" The author then discusses how "Dashboards" like iGoogle could be used behind the firewall to keep users updated with information like "new stuff on the intranet, news updates, latest internal blog posts, external rss feeds and other subscriptions, a list of new starters and people's own Facebook mini-feed"

I love the idea of using the Facebook mini-feed within an Enterprise, even if it was just used to say "James is in a meeting" or "James is enjoying lunch" Naturally I think there are wider applications and the potential for using the feed to show documents you are working on or could also be explored so that anybody viewing your feed would see a list of documents you had worked on during the course of the day. The possibilities are as they say endless...

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