Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Does making Knowledge Sharing mandatory make it easier?

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the Blogosphere about making Knowledge Sharing and specifically blogging mandatory. In the eyes of many this would encourage individuals to blog about what they are doing for instance enquiries they answered, documents they have worked on and in doing so make this information easily available to others.

Mary Abraham at the Above and Beyond Km Blog writes about this in her post "Knowledge Management made easier" and highlights the "The potential power" of having everyone from Support Staff to Senior Partner blogging, but as she suggests would it work in a Law Firm?

The argument against everyone being asked to blog is that this seems to go against what Web 2.0, Social Media represents. In my mind that is if someone wants to collaborate or contribute on a blog or a Wiki or another tool that has been created then it should be down to them, it shouldn't be something that they "have to do" and doing so may just de-motivate them and alienate them from contributing Know how at all. This argument in Dave Snowdens post here.

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Jennie said...

Add to that the fact that blogging about what you're working on in a law firm could throw up client confidentiality problems, breach Chinese Walls...
I don't think forcible blogging would be a particularly good plan in a law firm!