Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Is Enterprise 2.0 also KM 2.0?

The Portals and KM blog reports here on an article published in The Information Advisor on Enterprise and Knowledge Management.

In the article they report that the label or term Enterprise 2.0 is here to stay and describe exactly what Enterprise 2.0 is, what its relationship is to Knowledge Management and solutions can be thought of as Enterprise 2.0.

This is a short but very interesting article on Enterprise 2.0, which is well worth reading.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Is Knowledge Management going social?

The latest issued of Inside Knowledge Magazine contains a short piece by David Gurteen called KM (2.0) goes social. In it he describes how traditionally Knowledge Management was about "capturing messy and unstructured information" and making it available within an organisation, usally via a technical solution.

Then Knowledge Management started to develop into a different form where people relied less on technology and more on "soft tools" like communities of practice and after action reviews. Since then a whole suite of new tools have developed otherwise known as Web 2.0 tools (Blogs, Wikis etc) these have impacted on Knowledge Management as Knowledge Managers have started to see the potential of using these social tools within organisation.

Why are these tools so powerful? As David says "Social KM is an emerging social model of KM that clearly places responsibility for knowledge sharing and making knowledge productive in the hands of the individual"

The article is well worth reading and appears to be freely available online.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Knowledge Management and Web 2.0

Doug Cornelius of the KM Space Blog has posted the slides of his recent talk on Knowledge Management and Web 2.0. This looks like an interesting presentation although like most presentations published online it is hard to get a huge amount of value from it because there is no accompanying audio.

Still worth reviewing the slide deck though!

Why a Wiki?

This is a funny short video on why you should be using a Wiki in your organisation.

[Hat Tip - KM Librarians Blog]