Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Is Knowledge Management going social?

The latest issued of Inside Knowledge Magazine contains a short piece by David Gurteen called KM (2.0) goes social. In it he describes how traditionally Knowledge Management was about "capturing messy and unstructured information" and making it available within an organisation, usally via a technical solution.

Then Knowledge Management started to develop into a different form where people relied less on technology and more on "soft tools" like communities of practice and after action reviews. Since then a whole suite of new tools have developed otherwise known as Web 2.0 tools (Blogs, Wikis etc) these have impacted on Knowledge Management as Knowledge Managers have started to see the potential of using these social tools within organisation.

Why are these tools so powerful? As David says "Social KM is an emerging social model of KM that clearly places responsibility for knowledge sharing and making knowledge productive in the hands of the individual"

The article is well worth reading and appears to be freely available online.

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