Thursday, 25 September 2008

Do you have what it takes... collaborate?

Two posts here which caught my eye. The first from the always excellent Above and Beyond KM Blog called "Do you have what it takes to Collaborate?" in this post the author discusses the skills it takes to collaborate effectively. These are listed as:

  1. How to apologise
  2. How to advocate your point of view without harming your collaborator's feelings
  3. How to spot when a conversation gets emotional and then make it safe again to continue meaningful dialogue
  4. How to listen and get into the shoes of your collaborator
  5. How to define a mutual intent that will inspire action
  6. How to tell and elicit stories
  7. How to get things done so you have something to show for your collaboration

So based on this, do you have what it takes? The second post from the KM Librarians Blog, discusses how much information individuals are actually willing to share. Called "Putting my collaboration attitude to the test" the author relates how they were asked to share materials for a recent seminar they delivered, which begs the question...

"When do you share everything, and with whom? As a civil servant, I have already arguably been paid to create the presentation, and my colleagues in other ministries and departments should have access to the text of my presentation. How does this argument work in firms? Where are the boundaries - do you share with co-workers, but not with clients? How about presentations to professional groups?"

Some interesting discussions here...

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