Friday, 5 September 2008

Knowledge sharing in 140 characters or less!

This is a great post from the Library Clips Blog in it the author describes how a micro-blogging solution could work well as Knowledge Sharing tool for a support team or a customer facing team.

From the blog post...

"There are many times when colleagues at work discover something in our office, but are too busy to blog about it, this is when micro-blogs comes into the picture. People may find blog posting takes up too much time because they treat it as formal publishing, and fair enough (I covered this in my KM 2.0 Culture post). We have tried to overcome this with posting to a blog by email, making it feel very informal, now you can “flick a blog post”, just like you “flick an email”.

I definitely agree with this point, creating a blog post can be quite time consuming especially if you are using an Internet based application and the site either crashes or is slow.

"I feel that people will indeed post to a micro-blog as the content is the length of an SMS, ie. a max of 140 characters. This is not hard at all, and the format encourages a type of informalness."

What a brilliant idea, most people know how to send text messages and micro-blogging sites like Twitter are so similar to text messaging or instant messaging I sometimes find it hard to tell the difference. The great thing about these sites is that any knowledge "shared" remains on the site making it a much more useful and crucially searchable resource.

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