Monday, 29 September 2008

Support for KM

In another great post the Above and Beyond KM blog looks at how support for Knowledge Management initiatives/projects is crucial to their success.

From the blog post:

"..within a lot of enterprises the members of senior management are sometimes those least likely to understand or use a KM system. Therefore, their support can be theoretical and that gets communicated to the rank and file as a lukewarm endorsement. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess how the rank and file react to a mandate from above that doesn't seem to have any teeth"

In Law Firms the situation is even worse:

"With respect to law firm knowledge management the problem is widespread. The senior partners or administrative partners will certainly understand on paper the potential benefits of a knowledge management program. They may even remember back to the days when they were junior associates facing a new assignment without models or practice guides. However, they've come a long way since then and have platoons of associates under them who deal with those issues firsthand. And, with that distance comes a loss of urgency to pursue knowledge management"

So the question is, how can we encourage or gather support for Knowledge Management? Well there isn't an easy way to do it but the blog post highlights several examples of projects that have received the support of "Management" and flourished as a result, have a look at the Blog post and these links for a good introduction to this issue.

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Mary Abraham said...

Thanks for the mention, James. One other way to help senior management along the path to supporting KM is to recruit champions within the partnership who have the respect of their peers and are passionate about KM and collaboration. Without these champions, it can be difficult to get the ear of senior management.

- Mary