Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The future of Knowledge Management

From the KM World & Intranets 2008 Blog comes this thought provoking post on the "Future of Knowledge Management" in it the author points to this post from Stuart Henshall. From the blog post:

"Individuals are increasingly using personal tools, blogs, wikis, social networks, mobile phone, etc. As they move into this realm publicly they create more information about themselves. I’m increasingly seeing these tools being put to use by marketing / PR. KM seems to be missing these social media implications. Thus adoption of these tools is not being driven by the need to manage knowledge. Rather it’s driven by responding faster, being more adaptive, building on what others do, opening up systems so they can find that they need just in time."

"I’m thinking more and more that the social media experts are likely to usurp or overturn many KM practices in time. The fact that SAP, Oracle and IBM are today all working with Twitter like updates is at least encouraging"

A very interesting post, epsecially with the development of tools like Yammer

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