Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Knowledge Management in a 2.0 World

Doug Cornelius has written an interesting piece in the the October/November 2008 edition of the Canadian Bar Association Journal in it he describes how it has never been more important for Lawyers and Law firms to be able to organise and find the knowledge they have created and captured.

Thankfully the emergence of Web 2.0 tools mean it has never been easier! Doug raises some interesting points in the article including:

  • How do we manage knowledge in a Web 2.0 environment?
  • Can blogs, wikis and other Web 2.0 tools allow for better knowledge management?

Doug outlines the beneftis and opportunities associated with using these tools, although slightly biased towards Wikis the article is a good introduction to how these tools could be used in a Law Firm and how variations of these tools are making the Knowledge Capture process easier and more streamlined.

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