Monday, 1 December 2008

Collaboration is it a "dirty" word?

Does the word "collaboration" bring you out in shivers and hearing people talking about Social Media drive you crazy, well you might not be alone according to this post on the Register blog. From the post...

"The theory that underpins social software driven collaboration is that power accrues most to those who give away the most. They gain a reputation, they are sought after and, as a result, they become more secure.

Contrast this with the old way of doing things. Hoard knowledge and hide the inner workings of your expertise. Become indispensible and, therefore, unsackable"

The post also includes a "mini-poll" in which you can demonstrate how valuable you find Social Media. You might want to follow this poll up by reading an article about Collaborative tools called "The case for collaborative tools" this paints a much prettier picture.

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