Friday, 25 January 2008

The changing nature of Intranet content

Richard Dennison has written an interesting post on the changing nature of the the BT Intranet content on his blog Inside Out.

In it he describes how the content that is being published to the BT Intranet is changing because of the increased use of collaborative technologies and the move towards more user generated content rather then static documents created by and maintained by an individual.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Knowledge Management Bookshelf

Doug Cornelius over at KM Space has put together what looks like a really useful list of essential reading if you are interested in Knowledge Management.

There is a slight law firm bias, some of this are still on my list to purchase though.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Starting a community of Practice

The Anecdote blog has a great post on starting a Community of Practice which is well worth a read if you are considering starting a Community of Practice...or even if you're not!

Tacit v Expicit Knowledge

Doug Cornelius at KM Space has an interesting post on Tacit v Explicit Knowledge, in it he argues that to make a distinction between these two types of knowledge is wrong.

"I think this is the wrong distinction to make. The knowledge is either findable by your computer or it is not findable by your computer"

Which begs the question, what does he mean by findable on your computer?

"By finding the knowledge I mean finding the knowledge itself or finding the person who has the knowledge. Certainly all knowledge within a firm is not going to be transferred into a form that is findable by a computer. That is why it is important to identify subject matter experts and make them findable by a computer search"

Doug also makes some interesting points about the types of Knowledge most of us generate;

"Knowledge written down on a piece of paper and thrown in a file does not do anyone any good"

"A file saved on your local computer does not make the knowledge in that file findable by anyone but you"

"Sending out an email makes the knowledge potentially more findable. But, you as the sender and all of recipients are going to end up keeping that email in different places"

My understanding of Tacit v Explict is that Explicit is what is written down and Tacit is what you and only you know, but which should be stored somewhere. Am I wrong?

A wiki way to manage meetings

I hesitate to use the word "badass" on this blog, but the following post provides some examples (including "badass") of how to manage meetings using Wikis.

My favourite suggestion has to be;

"Some meetings are just well-worded email messages and an updated project plan, meaning NO meeting necessary. Trim where you can. People loathe meetings, and the people who love them usually have something wrong with them.

Wiki tip: This is why a meeting should start with the wiki page to construct the agenda. If it’s clear that the items don’t need much discussion, and aren’t worthy of setting aside time for a meeting. Just craft a clear message on the wiki page, and send out a quick email with a link to the page. Then be sure to monitor comments on the page, and respond to questions & concerns."

Thursday, 10 January 2008

The challenge of using Social Media in the workplace

This is an interesting post on the challenges that face most people when they try to use a Social Media application/site at work. The main challenges are;

  • Firewalls (blocking access)
  • Video (being blocked)

The author provides some tips on how to approach these challenges.