Friday, 30 January 2009

If you build it...will they come?

Almost a famous line from that great Kevin Costner film the Fields of Dreams but in his case they did come, whereas if you've ever rolled out a Knowledge Management tool you may find that in fact "people don't come to use it" but why? and do the approaches that existed pre Web 2.0 still apply in 2009?

These are just some of the issues discussed in two posts from the KM Edge Blog. The first called KM in 2009: Where Are You Headed? asks "Where are your Knowledge Management efforts getting you?" The second KM Overview shares the KM lessons learned by the blog.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Building relationships to support KM

Want to what the virtual equivalent to the “coffee machine chat" or how you can motivate people to share knowledge? well look no further then several articles in the January 2009 edition of TCWorld on Sharing Knowledge across borders.

Monday, 19 January 2009

KM 101

New to Knowledge Management (KM) then you'll definitely want to subscribe to the KM Lawyer Blog and a series of posts call KM 101. From the first post:

"Welcome to a new series of posts about legal knowledge management, called KM 101. My goal is to provide a concise guide to KM topics — both in general and legal specific. Just as important, I hope that this will be a conversation. I welcome comments and encourage you to agree, disagree, and enhance the topics."

Friday, 16 January 2009

KM Sites Search

Knowledge Connections has been included in Doug Cornelius's KM Sites Search. Doug posts regularly to the KM Space Blog.

Thanks for the inclusion Doug!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Think of a word about 50 of them...

Enterprise 2.0 seems to be on everyones agenda's at the moment, rather unsurprisingly, but what is the intersection between Enterprise 2.0 and Knowledge Management, well a group of Knowledge Managers in Toronto have tried to identify exactly what it is.

The following post from the KM Space blog is a summary of this meeting and the words well you'll have to read the blog post to find out what this means!

Monday, 12 January 2009

What does Enterprise 2.0 really mean?

When you think about Enterprise 2.0, do you just think about how you can implement Blogs, Wikis and other Social Media within your Enterprise?

If you do perhaps you should have a look at this post from the Frank Buytendijk Blog, from the Blog post;

"Enterprise 2.0 creates competitive advantage through interactive and collaborative business models. In this sense, Enterprise 2.0 is not a vision for the future, but today’s reality. It has become a business imperative. Because business requirements are leading technology, organizations risk lagging seriously behind"

The Blog post is an introduction to a much longer report entitled "Business Management in the Age of Enterprise 2.0: Why Business Model 1.0 Will Obsolete You"