Thursday, 19 February 2009

Better Knowledge Management = Better customer service?

An interesting article here from Fumsi which describes how a Government Call Centre based in Whitehall used Knowledge Management to improve customer service. From the article:

"Information advisers in the call centre or in other teams could access very little of the information held by their drafting colleagues, and information exchange tended to be informal and on a need-to-know basis. Much of the information held centrally was written in a style suitable for briefing but not for answering a telephone call."

"A first step was to pull together all the information we held into a searchable database - the Lines database. This database became the key knowledge resource for the Customer Service Centre"

What's interesting about the article is how the team then looked at Social Tools as a means to collaborate with each other:

"As our project to improve Lines took off, the department introduced two collaborative tools - Sametime (enabling informal ‘chat') and Quickplace (designed to improve collaborative working on policy papers and other documents). My knowledge team (of two) spotted the potential in these features for knowledge sharing across the Customer Service Centre."

One of the other benefits of rolling out this system was the impact it had on staff morale and retention of staff.

"Being able to find the information is a cornerstone in providing a good answer. It boosted morale and made the work seem more achievable. The rest of the changes related to the people aspect of the job"

A really interesting article well worth reading.

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