Friday, 13 February 2009

Doom and gloom or time to prosper?

Toby Brown of Fulbright & Jaworski has written an interesting article in the latest edition of KM Legal on some of the possibilities that could be exploited by Knowledge Managers during the global economic crisis.

On how Knowledge Management professionals can demonstrate the business value of their work:

"We know that lawyers and firms that embrace KM will be those that best serve clients needs, so we should be taking this opportunity to demonstrate its benefits"

On the benefits of having a fully resources KM team:

"The KM team can help our lawyers to achieve this and enhance our business development efforts, thus creating efficiencies and lowering cost over time"

On how KM Teams can "work smarter"

"...if you want to converse with lawyers about value, talk about value instead of technology. This focuses the dialogue on the benefits to the lawyers and not on the cost of any technology involved"

This is an interesting example of how KM Teams can use Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management tools to exlpoit the current global economic crisis.

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