Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Share and share alike!

Another day, another article from KM Legal this time from the pen of Rupert Scheiblauer, Head of Knowledge Management at Wolf Theiss. In the article Rupert looks at his firms use of Sharepoint which include the use of Blogs, Wikis and RSS Feeds.

One of the most interesting points Rupert makes is around the use of Social Networking type functionality within the site..."The ability to create your own profile is a bit step towards getting everyone involved with the firm's KM efforts...furthermore profiling makes it easier to find things or people because they have contributed their own content"

Now I'm not going to say this is crucial to the success of any project involving Sharepoint but enabling your users to edit their own profiles so that other people can see not only who they are, but what they are working on, what Know How they might have submitted, what websites they have bookmarked and who they are "connected" to truly makes Sharepoint a Web 2.0 experience.

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