Friday, 20 March 2009

Finding the people you need

A great post here on the Headshift Blog authored by Jon Mell. The introduction does a great job summarising the post "Rich profiles can be a powerful cornerstone of an Enterprise 2.0 / next generation intranet / social business software solution. Finding people rather than documents can be highly beneficial in terms of productivity, using information rather than looking for it, and simply getting things done and making things happen"

Jon illustrates these points by demonstrating how rich profiles are used within an application called Jive Clearspace. The following are some of the ways rich profiles can be used, all are discussed in more detail in the blog post;

  • You want to find someone who can help you in a particular subject area
  • You want to see what topics, blog posts and other content someone has contributed or commented on
  • You want to see what external content people have tagged/are looking at (Websites, Blog Posts)

A really interesting post, which I recommend anyone interested in finding information on people reads.

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