Friday, 6 March 2009

Surving a Zombie Intranet

First of all you're probably thinking what on earth is a Zombie Intranet? Have I been spending too much time on Facebook...fraid not.

Have a look at this Google Search for some results on "Zombie Intranet" and then read the following from the StepTwo Blog. In it the authors describe an all too familiar scenario:

"Collaboration spaces, such as wikis or SharePoint team areas, have multiplied across the organisation. Now numbering in the thousands, some are hugely successful but many are not. Confusion and pain has oustripped the value offered by the collaboration spaces, and things may be getting worse not better.

How to untangle such a huge mess? What approach can be taken that will address thousands of spaces?"

So what is the solution and is there even one? Well the author outlines one which you may or may not agree with. You'll have to read the full post to find out what it is though!

[Hat Tip - Green Chameleon Blog]

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