Monday, 25 May 2009

Finding an expert

An interesting post here on the Knowledge Jolt blog which looks at the age old problem of "Finding an Expert"

"Assuming your company is large enough that people don't sit with each other, there often comes the painful realization that Sue has just spent two months on a project, only to discover that Pedro has a deep interest in the topic and could have helped Sue shave off a couple weeks' effort. Expert location services come out of stories like this. And they have been considered a staple of knowledge management for quite a while."

The post goes on to describe the attempts by companies to make information experts more widely available. These range from manual systems, where information on expertise is entered by hand usually by the expert and is then made available. Automated systems attempt to identify experts by looking at documents and web-browsing history. Both as discussed in the post can return experts but both are also flawed.

This post is well worth reading if you're thinking about building an expert search in your organisation.

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