Thursday, 7 May 2009

It's not about the Tools...It's about the strategy

An interesting post here from the Web Worker Daily which discusses how because of the huge number of tools available for working online and managing/creating content online individuals can become obsessed with the tools, rather then looking at why they want to use the tools.

This is like doing Web 2.0 just because it is cool. So what does the blog post suggest? Well there are five areas that it suggests you need to focus on. These are:

  • Finding your audience. Who do you want to reach or help with these tools?
  • Keep it simple. You shouldn't pick a tool based on the number of features.
  • Stay authentic. This is about ensuring that the content you create using these tools is consistent and authentic.
  • Know when to stop. If something isn't work, then don't keep doing it. Stop and look to use something else instead.

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