Friday, 22 May 2009

What are the most critical roles in KM?

A short but interesting post on the KM Edge Blog, which asks what are the most critical roles in KM? From the introduction to the Blog post:

"If you are really going to take knowledge management seriously--invest time and resources, engage with senior leadership, and expect to see results--then you need to consider the roles and resources required to support your organization's KM activities"

The post then identifies four roles crucial for the development of KM withing any organisation, they are:

  • "knowledge management leader--focuses on strategy, leadership, and facilitation;
  • knowledge management specialist--focuses on knowledge/content, flow and the impact of knowledge on processes and business/knowledge domains;
  • communication director--focuses on communications and change management; and
  • information technology/business analyst--focuses on IT tools, infrastructure, applications, and content management"

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