Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Leaving Employee: Knowledge Management for Surviving and Thriving

This is the title of a really interesting article on the FUMSI website which looks an issue which affects most companies. The issue discussed is the thorny one of employees leaving and taking all the knowledge and experience they have built up over their time there with them.

So what is the magic answer? well the article doesn't offer the magic answer to capturing all the knowledge that employees have but it does offer some strategies for how organisations might approach this issue. These include the following;

  • "Expert database - Ensure the departing employee's background, skills, strengths and contacts are saved in a searchable database
  • Social network analysis - Map the relationships between the leaving individual and other employees, departments, and organisations
  • Document management systems - Ensure the leaving employee's documents are stored and retrievable in an effective system
  • Succession planning - Ensure processes are implemented for the replacement of key people"

These are just four of the many strategies outlined in what is a very interesting article which looks at a very tricky issue for many organisations.

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