Wednesday, 12 August 2009

10 things Sharepoint can do for your Firm

10 things Sharepoint can do you for your Firm is the title of a great little article on the website. The article, which is written by Mark Gerow looks at some of the ways Sharepoint could be used within a law firm to "improve...effectiveness, deliver better client service and reduce costs" So what are the suggestions, well they are in no particular order:

  • Replacing your document management system
  • Automating new business intake
  • Searching across ALL systems
  • Encouraging "communities of interest" using "my sites"
  • Creating a Firmwide Calendar
  • Creating Practice Group Wikis
  • Collaborating with clients using Extranets
  • Managing projects
  • Displaying "Key Performance Indicators"
  • Creating "Mashups"

There are some very good suggestions here for how Sharepoint could be used beyond Blogs and Wikis.

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