Monday, 21 September 2009

Social networking for business

Brad Hinton from his blog "Plain speaking" has written an interesting post called "Social networking for buisness" in it he looks at some of the reasons why social networking can have enormous benefits to companies.

He illustrates the points he makes in the blog by recommending the following Seth Godin video on Youtube.

Brad also summarises the video with the following " networking is good for business because it facilitates the establishing of effective relationships based on trust and reciprocity. According to Godin, you can’t count the worth of social networking by the numbers – it’s the quality of the relationships that give the greatest meaning to social networks and that’s where the value sits."

Friday, 18 September 2009

A Knowledge Solution to Drive Revenues and Competitive Advantage

Using practical resources to drive revenues in a downturn economy is the title of a very interesting white paper published on the PLC US site. The article which has been written by Bruce MacEwen looks at how law firms are under greater pressure to protect and even increase revenue. But as the introduction to the article says "how can firms do more with less?"

According to the introduction the White paper then goes on to argue the following points:

  • "All firms face the same problem: how to deal with associates who lack the practical understanding to work at a level of competence clients will pay for.
  • US firms have largely ignored practical knowledge resources as a source of attorney support relative to other areas of investment.
  • Having resources in place to achieve this practical understanding will get associates up to speed quicker and increase their realization rates - key profit-drivers in a downturn"

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Is Enterprise 2.0 going anywhere?

An interesting post here from the Above and Beyond KM blog which asks "Enterprise 2.0: All Talk and No Action?"and whether Enterprise 2.0 is becoming a reality within the private sector?

It would seem not according to the results of a recent AIIM report, which is cited in the blog post. According to this report only 25% of corporations are actually doing anything with social media. That's a staggeringly small number or corporations given the number there must be in total.

Where I wonder does Enterprise 2.0 go from here?

Friday, 11 September 2009

How to Ruin a Knowledge Management Program

Mary Abraham of Above and Beyond the Law has published a link to an interesting post called "How to ruin a brainstorming session" as Mary points out many of the "bad practices" in this post can be applied to Knowledge Management. They include the following;

  • You have no clear objectives.
  • The group involved is too homogeneous.
  • Your boss is autocratic and doesn’t trust the creativity of his or her team.
  • You allow early criticism to smother creativity.
  • You settle for just a few ideas.
  • Your process lacks closure or follow through.

The problem is then how do you deal with them?