Monday, 26 October 2009

Folksonomy folktales

Folksonomy folktales is an interesting post from the KM world blog. From the introduction to the blog post "In reviewing articles about folksonomies and taxonomies, I found that while there were some interesting experiments in combining the two, most writings repeated the same myths, folktales and misconceptions."

The post goes on to outlines some of the myths associated with folksonomies and some of the benefits associated with using them. Some highlights from the blog post.

  • Folktale One: Folksonomies are examples of the wisdom of crowds.
  • Folktale Two: Folksonomies are building bottom-up classification systems.

The author then discusses some of the benefits of using folksonomies but highlighting the negative aspects of those benefits, for example on folksonomies being easier to use then taxonomies "there are a number of problems with *this*. First, picking from a simple taxonomy is at least as easy as thinking up a keyword. Second, there are ways to make it easier to select from a taxonomy, such as auto-categorization software, that automatically suggests terms from the taxonomy. In that case, the cognitive task of agreeing with the suggestion or not is much easier than trying to think up a term."

This is an interesting post, which I recommend you have a quick read of.

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