Monday, 19 October 2009

How to measure the impact of KM

The KM Edge blog has published an interesting blog post called "How to measure the impact of KM..again" why again? because this subject seems to come up in conversation over and over again. The blog post explains the three primary approaches for measuring the effects of knowledge management. They are;

  • " tie participation to outcomes, which enables the KM team to know that their efforts are actually making a difference"
  • " quantify the value of success stories to the business. Sometimes it isn't feasible to measure all the intangible value that comes from KM--the connections between people, the sense of affiliation and belonging, loyalty and flexibility--but we can measure the value of business outcomes tied to specific uses of a KM approach"
  • " know where to invest more or less. Executives care about this. Which KM investments are leading to better outcomes? Which are just legacy or busywork?"

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