Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sowing the seeds of change

Mary Abraham at the Above and Beyond KM blog has written an interesting post on change. Called "Are you ready for change" Mary looks at some of the obstacles and challenges for Knowledge Managers in Law Firms.

In her post Mary points readers towards another blog post called "9 tips for change agents" Mary argues quite rightly that one of the difficulties with managing change is where you don't have any experience of actually "working" in the business e.g. you're not a lawyer a paralegal or a banker.

There are some very good tips contained within these posts, which for anyone involved with projects or change management are well worth reading.

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Mary Abraham said...

Thanks very much, James. If we were to pursue this issue of front line experience further, what strategies could we offer to IT personnel or law librarians, for instance, who haven't worked on the front lines of client matters?

- Mary