Thursday, 18 March 2010

Business information service

With the closure of the the FT Business Information (FT Research Centre) and London Business School fee paying information services, there are not so many business information services available for the more obscure historic enquiries that need specific sources to resolve.

Dermot McGrath was the senior researcher at the FT Business Information Service and when the Research Centre was closed in early 2008, he left to set up Markets Information and Research Ltd, to provide a service that the FT no longer operated in.

Markets Information and Research Ltd specialise in researching the World's stock exchanges and other financial markets, global public and private companies, economies and rich lists. They have a wide-ranging library including a significant collection of pre-1980 data, such as company rankings, UK economic statistics, and UK stock market records that may be impossible to locate elsewhere.

Dermot is always helpful and has found things that we cannot obtain elsewhere, well worth a try!

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