Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Legal Document Management using SharePoint?

Several organisations have been looking looking towards a Microsoft solution for a document management system (DMS) in recent years. The Orange Rag (Legal Technology Insider) has a nice overview - if you are a subscriber.

Some are pushed in that direction because their organisation already has SharePoint and want to leverage and integrate with other Microsoft applications, collaborative platforms and Word, others are looking that way because it could be a cheaper alternative to some of the bigger systems like Interwoven and Opentext. Finding a good SharePoint solution out of the box is certainly exercising a few minds; version control, security, individual document numbers, metadata retention, lack of email management and integration have all been issues.

There is of course lots of information from Microsoft, such as on the Microsoft TechNet site and Sharepoint 2010 appears to be the answer. However, these do not necessarily highlight some of the issues, so there are many blogs and many Microsoft partners happy to be paid to develop Sharepoint DMS solutions – but at a cost, plus development time. Such as Kraft Kennedy, and documents such as SharePoint briefing .

One recent announcement has come from Sword Group, who plan to launch a Legal Document Management Solution based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Sword Group have entered into a collaborative agreement with Lewis Silkin to acquire the IP for their “Legal centric Document Management application”, which uses SharePoint. Their objective is to develop a commercial package (Excalibur) for launch Q3 2010, targeted at law firms and in-house corporate legal counsels, so more of an out of the box product.
I am sure that there are many others in the race to a flexible Sharepoint DMS solution off the shelf.

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