Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sources disappearing?

Many of the online database aggregators that we rely on remove sources – sometimes without letting subscribers know. This could be because they have not been able to agree distribution rights and licence fees with the source owners, or even because that source could be seen as a competitor to one of the aggregators own products.

Some aggregators are great and tell you as soon as they know that it is going to disappear and why, but all too often we find out the hard way that a source is no longer included when we thought it was – a real quality issue.

Robin Neidorf from Freepint VIP has been carrying out a brief survey on sources: " What sources have you lost? What sources are you concerned you may lose? How have you adapted?"
Participants will receive a copy of the report, and a feature story on the results will also appear in an upcoming issue of VIP Magazine.

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