Friday, 26 March 2010

What value does Knowledge Management add?

Why "do" KM? Isn’t it just common sense? An intelligent way of working? The answer for me is yes it is indeed all of these, but KM facilitates and leverages all of those good ideas that might not come to anything otherwise, it supports innovation, enforces some of those good habits, more importantly it can reveal what measures would actually help an organisation to improve quality, save time and reduce risk.

A simple overview of the difference between conventional knowledge sharing and what is gained by using knowledge management is shown in a presentation from Óttar Erlingsson and Espen Grødem.


Atle Iversen said...

Thank you for the link - a nice and simple overview.

For more thoughts about KM and PKM, the value of knowledge and the future of KM, take a look at my KM 3.0 series

Rekhna said...

I really agree with you. Knowledge management is a high-end knowledge work that requires careful research and analytics in all fields.
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Kate Stanfield said...

Thanks Atle, I like your analogy, with KM 2.0. An interesting read.

Kind Regards, Kate

Kate Stanfield said...

Thank you for the intro to SBL Rekhna. Outsourcing and blended solutions are very pertinent in today's market.

Kind Regards,