Thursday, 8 April 2010

What is a “knowledge worker”?

This term can cover a multitude of sins, but does it really include every person that is working effectively within an organisation?

Jack Vinson blogged this week about the topic, saying that: “ Just about everyone within an organization has valuable knowledge about the ins and outs of the business and could contribute - assuming the organization is willing and interested in hearing the contribution.”

So all employees could be knowledge workers, but those that actually proactively facilitate the sharing of that knowledge are the ones that are more easily recognised.

The Havard Business Review looks at the “collaboration curve” and the concept that more value is added the more collaboration is undertaken – or the more nodes in a network are connected.

It uses the analogy of a fax machine. The First person to have a fax machine got little value from it, until more people had fax machines and it enabled the full value of transmitting images to be exploited.

So if we are all knowledge workers and we all collaborate, what effective organisations we would have!

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