Monday, 24 May 2010

Enterprise Search

The recent Enterprise Search Summit 2010 in New York has spurred several reports from different commentators and I do believe that Enterprise Search can enable an organisation to tap into it’s combined knowledge so much more effectively.

With so many vendors vying to sell their own enterprise search solutions, there is even the idea of using Google for your search engine.There are many guides, sales pitches and definitions around;

Accenture believes that being able to easily access all available information, then use it to meet business challenges, explore opportunities and exceed the competition, is essential for achieving a higher level of performance. And that goal is increasingly within reach because Enterprise Search technologies are advancing rapidly.

IBM states that a certain size of organization often produce and accumulate textual data from a wide range of sources and in a variety of formats, and effective tools for searching over that data are central to the organizations' success.

Finally Freepint did a nice introduction to Enterprise search in 2005 that still makes interesting reading for this topic, listing 10 critical success factors worth bearing in mind.

Cost and ROI are an issue - as always.

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