Wednesday, 5 May 2010

OU Library available online

Described as “the most advanced digital university library in the world” The Open University library website is an excellent resource. The OU have spent time developing a gateway to a wide range of online information resources, much of it available free, including the ability to search across a range of journals, books and websites.

It also provides information about the services and resources at the Open University Library building in Milton Keynes. Users have access to 400 online databases, 30,000 e-journals and hundreds of thousands of e-books.

The free search for “visitors and guests” is excellent, with an impressive range of materials searched quickly and easily. There are two options, to search "journals, books and websites" or to search "reference shelf".

Other valuable assets include the recommended links for other free resources on the web; well worth visiting.
I particularly like the “online collections and databases” links, but there are lists of everything from images and sounds, to libraries near you.

A gem of a resource.

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